My other boat, the one I’ve spent the past four years tinkering on and learning on how sail. She’s a 1982 Macgregor 22 with a swing keel.

These Macgregors are great boats for what they were designed for despite a lot of the trash talk of them being lightly constructed. Unsinkable with positive flotation, beach-able with its swing keel, and actually pretty fast when reaching in a good breeze with the genoa up. Also it’s very easy to trailer and motors amazingly well with almost no horsepower!

She’s a fun boat to sail overall for days cruising on local lakes that aren’t always so deep, and to boot it’s been a great boat to learn on and rig up as I learned more about sail trimming. #trailersailer #trailersailing #trailersailor #macgregor22 #macgregorsailboats #tattooyachts #diysailing #instasailing #sailing #sailinglove #sailingpassion #closereach


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